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Xavier Fine Arts Theatre

1600 W. Prospect Avenue
Appleton, WI

920 733 8840

As of November 7th, masks are optional for those attending performances at the Xavier Fine Arts Theatre.
Masks are required for all entering the building during school hours.
COVID-19 Protocols are subject to changes and updates at any time.

Extended Box Office Hours: Monday-Friday, noon to 3:00 pm
November 29-December 3 and December 6-10 and
one hour before each performance

Christmas Stars 2021

Join us for a delightful celebration
of the most wonderful time of the year!
We are pleased to offer live performances
for the 2021 season.

More ticket info

7:00 pm December 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11**
1:00 pm December 4*, 5, 11, 12

*An American Sign Language Interpreter provided
at the December 4th 1pm performance.

**Dates subject to change.

Hearing Loop Installed

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Christmas Stars: Wisconsin's Biggest Christmas Party!